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Aviva social media marketing pricing

Social Media Description

Social media marketing pricing is very popular right now. I wanted to share Aviva Digital marketing with you as an option. Social media is the use of websites and online social platforms to promote a service or product. As a matter of fact, it is important to realize the role social media marketing has on your business. 

SInce social media marketing pricing significantly varies, it is difficult to decide who you will hire. At this very moment you can make decide to turn a new leaf. Let me help sort things out for you. I will share affordable options with you. Let me help you make a smart decision. With the result, business owners like you are caught wondering who to hire.

In fact, what will happen is that you will not hire anyone. Overall, your inaction will hurt your business. For the most part this is the sad truth but also will be the outcome. Thus, it is impossible to stay relevant and on top. Now the opportunity for growth and visibility is lost. AViVA Cleaning Services has its in-house marketing team. We know the importance of visibility, social media marketing pricing and reaching new clients. Not only do we have our own writers. We also have talented artists too. However we want you to see for yourself. Last but not least, the skilled team is the reason for our great success with social media marketing. Below is a sample of our social media marketing pricing.

Our Marketing Pricing

Hire us to handle your social media marketing. You will not be disappointed. The pricing below will help you decide. Why? The pricing is in black and white. Regardless, just know that when you have us in your corner that you will not be disappointed. First, we are leaders in our industry. Second, if it works for us, it will work for you. Third, we have our own team and the cost savings go to you. Our team includes voice artists, digital artists and writers. Advertising a service or product on 1 social media platform costs as low as $144. Our price is for 9 posts and all the creative content involved. Without a doubt, you will realize rather quickly how the other companies charge more for less.

Examples Including Marketing Pricing

Color Video (no in person at this time)

Under 1 Minute

$40.00 w/o voice

$50.00 w/voice

COVID Risk Mitigation As Low As $75.00

Explainer Video – Under 2 minutes

$150.00 includes: voice, music, 2D animation, script, 3 edit

AViVA Cleaning Services

Dirty Garage? WE CAN CLEAN IT!

Posted by AViVA Cleaning Services on Friday, January 24, 2020

Call to Action Short

Under 15 seconds

$25.00 w/music

$30.00 with voice over

Search for Us! 🧹 Let us clean your office 💻🏢 #commercialcleaning #avivacleaningservices #searchaviva #cleaning #houston #dallas #corpuschristi #sanantonio

Posted by AViVA Cleaning Services on Saturday, February 1, 2020

Notification Short

Under 15 seconds

$25.00 with music

$30.00 with voice over

Final Decision

To sum this up, you can see how much effort we put into our work. We love what we do and want to share our knowledge as well as examples Including marketing pricing with you. Hire us now. After all, we do offer affordable social media marketing prices for you to select from. Keep in mind this is because we have an in house team. We know you will have more success by choosing us. Whenever you are ready, contact us. We are waiting here ready to assist.

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