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Articles for website and close relationship with your customer. We advise that you post useful and relevant information on your website often.

Important Articles for Website

It is important to have a close relationship with your customer in order to build trust. As a result, you will have a customer for life. In effect, you will also get word of mouth referrals which are the best type to receive. This is why I advise that you post useful and relevant information on your website often. I want to talk specifically today about how important articles for website engagement are. What’s more, is that I want to be sure that you are writing about useful information that resonates with your readers. In the same way, you want your current and potential customers to see you as the Industry leader. 

Articles for Website Stats

My name is Lorraine and I am one of the writer’s for AVIVA Cleaning Services. Basically, my goal when writing is to hold the readers’ attention. I want to share relevant information and write in a way that speaks to Google. Not to mention, I want to write easy reads and to keep the reader on my article as long as possible. In fact, the more you know and effort you apply to your website the better ranked by Google you will become.

Indeed Google is the most popular way to search for information, products and services.

According to Internet Live Stats, there are more than 1.7 billion websites to date, and more than 6 billion Google searches have been made today. A study coming from analytics service Chartbeat says that 55 percent of visitors spend only 15 seconds or fewer on a webpage.

To repeat, in order to be relevant, you need great content that is optimized. 

Best Articles for Website 

Your website is a living entity and takes up real estate on the World Wide Web. Each time you make an update and the new content goes live it changes analytics with Google. Of course, you are now changing interaction with visitors, clients and search engines that are powerful. Simply put, if you update your website often and with high quality content you will see more results in Google analytics. For this reason do not let your website become stale without updates. It is important to realize that search engines will see you as a “dead” entity with noting to offer. Although, both you and I know this is not the case. 

Lorraine’s Articles for Website

My goal specifically today is to explain how important articles for website engagement are. I am one of the writers at AViVA Cleaning Services. AViVA Cleaning Services is striving daily to help the small business community. In fact, we are sharing our marketing department with y’all. After all, we have social media experts, artists, website article writers and editors. Not to mention exceptional voice actors, web designers, animated video specialists and SEO experts. Remember, content is king for indexing and ranking for your website.

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