About Us

AViVA Cleaning Services LLC was established in 2011 in the greater Houston area to provide exceptional janitorial and maintenance services. AViVA Cleaning Services LLC is owned and operated by Edgar Torres and Lorraine Perez. Through years of strategic planning, AViVA expanded to Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and most recently to the greater Dallas area. As successful owners of four companies, they know how important appearance and cleanliness is to an organization, the culture of a that company, and the overall health of the work environment. Proper cleaning reduces germs, dust, and decreases employee downtime. Proper cleaning increases production and employee morale. Employees are happy be in a clean and sanitary work space that is maintained by a professional janitorial company versus employees assigned apart from their duties, to do the cleaning.

AViVA specializes in exceptional attention to detail because we know that proper representation and sanitation goes a long way. Sloppy attention to detail costs companies time with internal complaints. Sloppy attention is unsightly, unsanitary, and smelly. Most importantly, it is a direct reflection of a company to the most important people they know. Their clients! Together, Edgar and Lorraine were able to identify specific key complaints regarding janitorial services and knew that unparalleled service was crucial along with establishing a relationship with each and every client the old fashioned way – through loyalty. They also know that local, and family owned companies have time for their client. AViVA is able to provide great customer service because we are the face of our company. We treat each client as a customer (not a franchisee/sub-contractor). Most of the money spent with us will stay within the client’s city or community which boosts its’ local economy. AViVA also dedicates a janitorial team to each client along with an account manager who oversees the overall quality and consistency of services and any questions or concerns that should arise.

Edgar and Lorraine have more than 36 years of experience in business operations, business ownership and client relations. As owners, they continually strive to grow a team oriented working environment and allow employees to openly share ideas to add to the creative corporate culture. They strongly believe in creating opportunities for all employees and adding value to clients and their businesses.

Between Lorraine’s and Edgar’s knowledge, AViVA has grown to what it is today. AViVA is proud to have Regional Managers, Administrators, a Growth Specialist, Account Managers, Mobile Managers, Marketing Representatives, Janitorial Crew Leads and teams of Cleaning Technicians. AViVA’s core values equate to: (P.O.W.E.R) Passion to Serve and Build Relationships, Open Communication, We Think Differently, Empowerment of Individuals & Responsibility.

Regularly scheduled training is provided to our staff and crew in the following areas: core values, safety, cleaning techniques, customer service and client relations to name a few. AViVA empowers employees to make smart decisions and provides training to increase the accuracy and quality of the services so that our customers receive a well-rounded experience because they deserve it! AViVA is a proud member of The Chamber of Commerce, The Better Business Bureau (BBB), and Business Network International (BNI).

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